Sunday, 20 September 2009

Bulkhead lamination

8 layers of fiberglass are needed over the mold and flanges, each slightly smaller than the one before. Strips of  Unidirectional fiberglass (UD) also go in this area and down the outer sides of the bulkhead. Cutting the glass for these shapes is a bit tricky. I made this weird looking template to speed things up.

Laminating the layers. Perhaps I should explain the different resin colours. The resin I am using Ampreg22 comes with different coloured hardeners. Yellow is fast/ Purple is standard and Green is slow. Because of my previously mentioned problems with the distorting plastic on the mold sides, I used slow hardener for these layers. The downside of the slow hardener is that it has to be postcured, whilst standard and fast do not. I prefer to use the standard hardener when ever possible.

Photo shows the UD point reinforcement  layers sandwiched in between the other layers. 5 wide strips and 8 narrower ones.

Partially finished bulkhead slot area with the mold removed. A mock up strut seems to go up and down centrally in the slot which is a good sign!


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