Thursday 24 September 2009

Beam mold continued

The mold needs to be quite strong and sturdy. By the time it comes to take the beam out of the mold, it is heavy and awkward. I reckon it must be in excess of 20Kg, on top of which they are an awkward shape. (When you lift them up from both ends to get them out,  they immedialely try to fall over sideways) I could not get them out of the mold without assistance. Recess mold at far end, as positioned by the template mentioned  above.

To make sure I did not have any extra proplems with sticking resin, I opted to entirely line the mold with parcel tape. It could well save a lot of agro, -the last thing you want to have to do is bash the mold around to get the beam out. That would be a sure fire way to upset the alignment.

Mold is about 3m long in total. I put it in the only available space I had, but it would have been a whole lot easier if I could have walked all the way around it more easily.

Mold lined with foam. I chose to line the Recess mold  with a loose fit resin proof plastic cover. In practice, when it came to getting the beams out of the mold, it was actually easier to unscrew the Recess mold from underneath and lift it out while still attached to the beam. It could be removed later easily. The central strip  towards the outer end of the beam is where 2 cuts have been made. This strip of foam is removed later from underneath for further lamination to be done.


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