Saturday 19 September 2009

Beam Bulkheads continued...

Molds reattached to the bulkheads. Despite having tried to keep all the holes in the mold exactly perpendicular to the mold sides, when I came to check it, I found there was sufficient play in the alignment for errors. This little set up was to ensure that the 2 pieces of G10 tube with acetal bushes (lightly tacked to the mold sides) were correctly attached to the mold. Lining the hole with thin sellotape also helped keep the alignment rod tight while the G10 tube was glued on.

Trying to get rods and tubes perpendicular with set squares is a bit difficult as the edge keeps slipping ot the round sides. A couple of straight strips taped on helps to make it more accurate.

Aft beam bulkheads ready for laminating. Molds (which are wider than the panel ) have been blended into the panel with large HD putty fillet around the cutout area.

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