Friday 25 September 2009

Carbon anchors postcure

The carbon anchor strips need to be postcured at this stage. I thought about using my domestic oven for this but found that the temperature was very variable. Ampreg 22 postcure is 16 hours at 50C or 8 hours at 70C. The higher temp is no problem for the resin, but it is too much for the Core cell A foam which I am using. I spoke to SP Systems who manufacture Core cell and they were not keen for the foam to go above about 55C.

I built a simple oven from a box, some light bulbs and a dimmer switch.  A couple of old computer fans helped to distribute the heat evenly.

I gave them about 16 hours at 55C. You can certainly tell the difference with this resin as to wether it has been postcured or not. After postcure when the anchors are knocked together they sound very like ceramic/china.

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