Sunday 29 September 2013

Beam Bulk/H and Carbon Anchor fitting

After the interior lamination is complete, the next task is the positioning and fitting of the carbon anchor assembly for the folding system, and then beam bulheads on top off them.

Aft beam bulkhead with side panels fitted.

Fwd Beam bulkhead, and post curing the anchor assembly after the additional laminates.

Heavy laminations over the anchor assembly. Very tricky to get the cloth to go down inbetween the slots without leaving air seams, and also to maintain the correct fiber orientation. I ended up splitting each layer into 3 pieces with additional patches over cuts and pleats.

Pre fitting foam for the foam/filler fill between the anchors. Then a few more laminates over this and then thankfully finished. A lot of work involved in fitting these 2 bulkheads, same job has to be done 4 times (either side of eachbulk/h, and made worse by hours of  knee cracking squatting on a sloping hull side.)

But beginning to look much more like a boat at last

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