Sunday 20 April 2014

Hull Join Up

Bow pole/ forestay fitting, now with added threaded rod and wing nuts to hold out the bow pole. Threaded rod is embedded in HD putty mix, and moulded in half tubes, before laminating to the carbon fibre tube

Trial fitting the daggerboard case. Centered midway between the two halves, and at a fairly steep angle fore and aft.

Bow area, with the bow bulkhead and the bow pole bulkhead  (this with a hole cut out for the bow tube, and fitted at an angle). The plans suggest fitting this after the hull is joined up, but I thought it would be easier to get this fitted vertically  and at the correct angle now. It does restrict access a little to the inside of the bow, which needs to be taped, during join up.

On the whole the match between the two halves is very good. The  beam bulkneads match up well (which is a relief) , and that the pivot hole spacing is the same at the fwd and aft positions.

Wooden rod between the upper folding pivot points is to check distance between pivots is correct.

On the whole the two halves match very well ( both in shape and in a tight fit seam) but a few wooden block hot glued to the mould helps to keep the edges lined up nicely for glueing and taping.

Highly advanced specialist tools made for positioning tape in those "hard to reach" to reach areas inside the bottom of the bow! Actually worked suprisingly well for once. I have had to cut an access hole in the bow bulkhead in order to get to this area of the bow.


Finally joined and taped. Bow pole still to be fitted and some extra layers to go on the fwd and aft beam bulkheads, and the daggerboard case to be taped in the upper half before completion.

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