Sunday 7 July 2013

Planking cont...

Hull planking for this side now finished. I opted for 8" wide strips ( 6 per 4 x 8 ft sheet of foam) but it does mean a lot of seams to be filled/sanded flush.

I am hoping it will pay off in less filling and fairing being required later on.

I decided to use the dry lay up method this time. Partly because I am single handed on this project, and partly because some of the stitched fabrics are very awkward to deal with. Almost as soon as it is cut from the main  roll it seems intent on distorting and generally destroying itself! And the more you handle it the worse it gets. Trying to position it accurately onto a wet surface makes things even more tricky

Cunning device for positioning cloth with minimal hand contact. Partly successful. ( If you just let the roll drop the cloth bridges the hollows and then need  repositioning, causing more distortion) . The hull shape causes the fibre orientation to change a bit as the cloth goes down toward the gunwhale. I decided the keel area was probably the most important area to have correct.

Ready for resin.( I shall flip the overlaps back as I spread to help to get the resin right the way through the double layers to the foam)

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