Saturday 15 June 2013

After a long cold winter and having to move location (fortunately within the same building) I have finally made a start on the second hull half.  On the whole the first hull half shape is pretty good, although there are a few uneven patches, where the foam strips did not lie tightly against the batons in the original mold, particularly on the tight corners down by the keel. I have opted to leave the outside of the first half unglassed for now and will do it after joining.

Mold re-assembled ready for planking, (and an indication of the final hull size and shape beam wise).

Fitting the Core-Cell strips. Core-Cell A500 seems to have been discontinued and is now repalced by M80. It seems to be a tougher foam and does not thermoform as easily.

Tight corners down toward the keel. Needs quite a lot of heating and some serious muscle to bend. Difficult not to scorch the foam.
View from the rear.

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  1. Alan I use hot water to bent the M80 foam, I did use M100 foam on the outside of the floats.
    See my blog how fast this works
    I use strips of +/- 40 cm