Sunday 30 September 2012

Hull planking finished

Finally completed the planking and inside laminating of the first hull. Next fit carbon anchor assembly followed by the beam bulkhaeds.

Apologise for poor pictures. My new 12Mg pixel camera produces far worse photos than my ancient 2.6Mg pixel job. No substitute for descent optics.

Beam Bulkhards trial fit. (Camera crooked!) Basic position dictated by the tube through the sprocket sticking up from the frame below (cannot be seen, inside slot), and getting the top edge of the bulkhead horizontal with the hull sides, and in line with the frame.

Trying to get the upper folding slot pin parallel to the hull anchot pins. There is sufficient play in the set up to make mistakes. Bulkheads are heavy and unstable. Keep tipping forward becuase of heavy laminations around pivot pin. Tubes are for sighting through and the wooden struts (one each side of the bulkhead) is to keep bulkhead pivot hole parallel to carbon anchor pin.

Relationship between carbon hull anchors and beam bulkhead. Sighting through tubes looks OK, but it is all quite a tight and stiff fit. Tubes seem very prone to jamming in holes, very frustrating when you have to keep twisting in and out.

Ready for taping in place.

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  1. Hi Al,

    Have you decided on Aft Cockpit or Aft Cabin configuration yet?