Thursday 16 September 2010

Rudder construction

I had the rudder core CNC shaped, as it was a rather tricky shape to do by hand because of the eliptical tip and reducing thickness down the board. You also need a (curved) rebate for the carbon unidirectional which runs up either side.

The basic core with a rebate for the Carbon unidirectional either side.

The centre HD insert is cut out and then laminated and replaced. This was quite awkward to do, mainly because as soon as you cut out the HD insert, the core is reduced to a twisting floppy piece of foam, and you could quite easily loose the shape.

It would have paid me not to cut all the way up to the top but to leave a brace across to maintain the shape.(alternatively leave the core oversized at the top and trim to final size AFTER glueing back in the HD piece). Getting the insert back centrally is tricky as you cannot do it on a flat table as it just falls through the other side because  the rebate edges are higher than the center section of the core.

First layer of cargbon on.

Bagging the first layer of carbon.

Ready for the Carbon UD

One more layer of Carbon all over, then lamination just about finished.

It now joins the daggerboard for the tedious business of final fairing and shaping. I thought I would try and make some guide rails for the final shape, rather than slapping fairing mix on freehand.

 Bobstay/Screacher bracket thing.

I opted to buy the Carbon  bowpole, (which is sliding fit into the forestay/bowpole sleeve which I made some time ago)  but it does need a fitting added. Top part is where the screacher furler will attach, and the lower hole is for the wire from the bobstay fitting attached to the hull on the bow.

The bracket, (made from carbon), and a slot cut in the pole for it to fit into. Bushes will be fitted in the G10 tube later.

Trial fit. Goes in at an angle a butts up against the aft sides of the slots.

Laminated in place, and bushes fitted. I could only just reach inside the pole (with a bare arm) , to get the cloth in place, -ended up with resin stuck under me armpits! Yuck!. Also end cap fitted.

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